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The Controller's Office is located in the basement of Old Main (Rooms 021 & 026).

We are open Monday—Friday from 8:00 am — 5:00 pm

P | (435) 797-1063
F | (435) 797-1077

2400 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322-2400


Our TeamsThere are 15 areas within The Controller's Office, click here to see them at a glance.

P-Card ApplicationClick here for an application

(Applications for All-Cards, P-Cards, and OneCards can all be found here, too)

Policies & ProceduresAccess Policies and Procedures here to make sure you are in line with USU rules and regulations.

Safety first!

TravelMake sure to be in compliance with University Procedures before take-off. You can find the travel office, here.

Bon Voyage!


Payroll recently moved from Human Resources and is now part of the Controller's Office. Here you'll  find forms, policies, and procedures pertaining to payroll.


Point. Click. Save.

EZ-BUY is used for obtaining goods, services, and to send payments.



A Credit Card Acceptance webpage will be coming to the Controller's Office website soon! This page will help you decide which method of cash collection is right for your department.