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   Sponsored Students FAQs:

A third party sponsorship is a company or organization that pays a student's tuition and/or fees on behalf of the student. Examples of our sponsors include: Military (with the exception of GI Bills), International Countries and Organizations, Department of Workforce Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, and various other companies and organizations.

Sponsor’s must be approved by Utah State University. Approved sponsors require an invoice to be sent on behalf of the student and will send payment directly to Utah State University. Family members or friends are not approved sponsors, but can become authorized users on the student’s account, which will allow them to see student charges and make payments. Students can view this tutorial for information on setting up an authorized user.

All sponsored students must have an authorization of sponsorship, which includes the terms of your sponsorship and valid signatures. It is the student's responsibility to ensure we have received the necessary paperwork before the Fee Payment Deadline to avoid losing classes due to non-payment.

Our office provides provisional credits before the Tuition and Fee Payment Deadline for students whose sponsors pay with an invoice. Any difference in the amount of the provisional credit and the sponsor payment will be the student's responsibility.

If your sponsor pays only according to specific caveats, such as upon course completion or after acceptable grades are submitted, you will not qualify for a provisional credit and we will process your sponsorship as a tuition reimbursement. 

AmeriCorps FAQs:

AmeriCorps is a national service program that allows participants to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion. See the official AmeriCorps website for more information, or call the AmeriCorps National Service Hotline: 1-800-942-2677.

Public & School Partnership (PSP): AmeriCorps VISTA, Senior Care RSVP

• USU Education Outreach: America Reads (Afterschool Tutors), AmeriCorps National Service (Educational Award)

                     Contact Todd Milovich and Diane Anderson

• USU Utah Conservation Corps: AmeriCorps Utah, The CorpsNetwork

You will need to log-in to My AmeriCorps to make your request. Please note: in order to use your Segal award, your service must begin prior to the start of the term you are requesting and end before the last day of the term. See this tutorial  for more information.

AmeriCorps sends 1/2 of your award on the first day of class and the second 1/2 around the midpoint of the term. When the University receives these funds, they are applied to your student account; if there is any excess, you will receive a refund.

Perkins Loans FAQs:

A Federal Perkins Loan is a low interest (5%) loan for both undergraduate and graduate students carrying at least 6 credits. Perkins Loans are made by USU and are repaid to USU. They are available on a first come/first serve basis to students with significant need.

You can make payments and view your balance by setting up an account with UNISA. You can also make a payment in person at the Cashier's Office, TSC 248. Their office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Payment Plans FAQs:

The tuition and fee payment deadline for undergraduate students occurs after registration and prior to the start of classes. There is a second tuition and fee payment deadline for graduate students shortly after classes start. You can check here for specific dates. Students need to either pay in full with one of these options, or set up a payment plan before this deadline to avoid losing classes for non-payment.

Payment plans are a good way for students to spread out the cost of attending Utah State University through the semester. They can also be useful for students waiting for financial aid, scholarships, or payments from other sources that have not been received before the tuition and fee payment deadline.

The payment plans include all charges associated with tuition, student fees, class fees, bookstore charges on the student's Banner account, meal plan charges, and dorm charges, but EXCLUDE monthly housing charges, late fees, and charges from a previous term.

Payment Plans vary from semester to semester. There are generally two or three plans to choose from each semester with varying due dates. You can view available plans by logging in to TouchNet. All payment plans require a one-time $50.00 fee to enroll and begin prior to the start of each semester. To estimate the amount of each payment, divide the total balance by the number of months in the plan.

Students must sign up for a payment plan online using TouchNet. Log in to TouchNet and click Payment Plans. View this tutorial for additional help.

When setting up a payment plan after the first payment is due, you will be required to make up the missed payment at the time of enrollment. That means you will need to pay the $50.00 enrollment fee plus any payments due prior to the date you sign up.

Payment plans are specific to the term you enroll. If you wish to use the payment plan option for more than one semester, you have to re-enroll each semester.

After the one-time $50.00 enrollment fee, there is no additional interest associated with the payment plans. However, a late fee of $20.00 is assessed each month for missed payments.

There are no TouchNet payment plans available for previous term charges. Contact Justin Gereau for information on paying a balance from a previous term.