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Policies and Procedures

2008 Change for Inventory Less Than $5,000 (Equipment)

CASB Disclosure Statement (DS-2)

Cash Handling Policy

Cash Handling Procedures

Cash Handling and Credit Card Training

Cost Share Policy

Cost Transfers

Direct Pay Payments

Equipment Account Codes and Definitions

Equipment Management Form Instructions

Equipment Management Procedures Manual

Facilities & Administration Rate Agreement (F&A)

Fixed Price Residual Procedure

Funds Transfer

Gift Cards

Gifts & Awards

Indirect Costs Return Allocation Process of Overhead Funds

Internal Controls Guidelines

Investment Policy

Journal Entry Request

Journal Voucher Electronic Preparation and Approval Process

Labor Redistribution Training

Meals and Entertainment Form

Memberships and Dues Payments

Mileage Chart

Moving Expenses Paid to New Employees

Non-Capital Equipment Procedures

Nonpayment on Sponsored Awards

Online Journal Vouchers

P-Card Procedures (Service Now)

P-Card Workflow Training Document

Payroll Policies

Pre-Inventory Checklist

Procedures for Time and Effort Reporting

Research Cash Advance Fund Guidelines

Staff Benefit Rates

Student Club Definitions

Sub Contract Monitoring

Time and Effort Reporting Policy

Time and Effort Reporting Procedure

Tracking Non-Capital Equipment Procedure

Trade Out Policy (Equipment)

Travel P-Card Procedures

Travel Policies & Procedures

USU Data Standards