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Equipment & Plant Fund Management

(435) 797-1999 • fax: (435) 797-1077 • Old Main 026

The Equipment Management Services manages the Property Control System for the care, custody, control, and financial reporting of equipment owned and/or controlled by Utah State University. The Property Control System is maintained according to federal and state regulations and University policies. The Equipment Management Services maintains the University's inventory of buildings and equipment.


Asset View

Asset View is a web-based, tracking system that is available to all USU and USUE departments campus-wide, free of charge. It allows the tracking of secure, sensitive, hazardous, classified, loaned assets, materials or any other items that require accountability. Click here to learn more about Asset View.

Fleet Management

The Equipment Management Office assists Fleet Management and each department in obtaining the initial licensing and annual registration of all vehicles. All assets that have titles must be reported to the Equipment Management Office. Click here to see a complete list of vehicles that require licensing.

Tracking Non-Capital Equipment

If a department elects to continue tracking non-capital equipment (under $5000) or selected non-capital items, The Equipment Management Office (EMO) can assist by providing USU inventory tags, and training in Asset View. See more...

Equipment Forms

There are forms, policies, and procedures pertaining to equipment management for the University.

Lee Alder

(435) 797-1999

Equipment Management Services Supervisor • Property Management System Administrator, Capital Expense to Capital Assets Reconciliation, Capital Asset Financial Reports, Award Closeout Equipment Reports

Laura Lake

(435) 797-0918

Equipment Management Specialist • Physical Inventory, Equipment Disposals, Equipment Record Updates, Final Inventory Reporting, Tagging Equipment

Deb Megill

(435) 797-1846

Equipment Management Specialist • Physical Inventory, Tagging Equipment, Vehicle Titles/License/Registration, Asset View, & Equipment Database Administrator