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Finance Systems

(435) 797-5836 • fax: (435) 797-1077

The Finance Systems area is responsible for ensuring all finance programs are working properly and efficiently. Developing new reports, programs, and processes also falls within the role of the Finance Systems employees. Lastly, managing Approval Queues, System Access and Organization Code security is done by the Finance Systems team.

ARGOS Reports

Access ARGOS for all of your departmental reporting needs. Want to create a custom report? Request it!

Need Access? 

Fill out appropriate forms in order to request access to finance systems (Banner, Eprint, Workflow, Travel, etc.)

Need Help? 

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Send an e-mail to
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Finance Reporting Portal

Access the Finance Reporting Portal
to view P-Card, Travel, Labor, Pending Approvals, and other easy to use Finance Reports.


Sharyn Bradfield

(435) 797-8089

Finance Systems Manager

Tyler Himes

(435) 797-5177

Data Analysis, Systems Programming

Shawn Robbins

(435) 797-5836

Data Analysis, Systems Programming Intern