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Service Center Accounting

(435) 797-0975 • fax: (435) 797-1077

Service Center Accounting provides accounting support to all service center operations of the University. We provide assistance to develop and monitor billing rates, prepare monthly and annual reports to monitor cash balances, answer cost accounting and gournal entry questions, and process monthly billing transactions.

Procedures & Guidelines

View procedures and guidelines pertaining to Utah State University Service Centers.

Forms & Templates

View forms and templates pertaining to opening and maintaining a service center on campus.  You can also find a rate calculation template here.


Via the reporting portal ARGOS we are able to run reports pertaining to working capital analysis, year to date profit and loss, and equipment and transaction lists. You can see those reports here.

List of Active Service Centers

Eventually, you will be able view a list of all active service center funds on campus. Hold tight, we'll have the list compiled soon!


Gina Hooten

(435) 797-1072

Financial Analysis Manager • Facilities and Administration (F&A or IDC) Rate Analysis, Service Center Accounting

Lori Francom

(435) 797-0975

Service Center Accountant & Analyst • Accounting Support for all Service Centers, Service Center Rate Analysis, Captial Replacement Plans and Funded Depreciation, Service Center Transmittal Management, Service Center Inventory Accruals, Service Center Bad Dept Reporting, Sales Tax Reporting and Questions, F&A Analysis