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Sponsored Programs Accounting

phone: (435) 797-1070 • fax: (435) 797-1077

Sponsored Programs srtives to provide post-award fiscal and administrative support to the campus community, ensure regulatory compliance with federal, state, private, & university policies,. To establish and close out indexes for sponsored projects, matching indexes, and Facility and Administrative indexes. Sponsored Programs is responsbile to prepare and submit, in accordance with the requirements of the awards, all financial reports & billings, as well as serve as the audit liaison for government and independent auditors.


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Cost Transfer Justification Form

Click here to access the Cost Transfer Justification Form.

Research Guide

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Cost Share/Matching

Click here to access the Cost Share Policy

Click here to access the Cost Share using Effort Policy (Salaries) (582.7)


Time & Effort

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Extra Service

Click here to review the policy associated with Extra Service Compensation.


Jennifer Jenkins

(435) 797-1070

Sponsored Programs Manager • Annual Report, NSF Reports, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Matt Millburn

(435) 797-1067

Sponsored Programs Supervisor • School of Graduate Studies, Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) Report, Consolodation of Annual Report, Ecology Center, Institute for Antiviral Research

Brad Rieben

(435) 797-3626

Sponsored Programs Supervisor • Regional Campuses/Distance Ed, Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD), Board of Regents Overhead Report, New Faculty/RC Grants, Overhead Reconcilliation

Samantha Tervort

(435) 797-0039

Sponsored Programs Supervisor • College of Engineering, USU Research Foundation IOTs & FIOTs, USTAR

Michael Ballif

(435) 797-0940

Sponsored Programs Accountant • College of Education (excluding CPD), Letter of Credits, Financial Aid

Melissa Cowley

(435) 797-3862

Sponsored Programs Accountant • Sub Awards, Newsletter, SPA Administrative Support

Russell Jensen

(435) 797-3921

Sponsored Programs Accountant • College of Natural Resources

Kara Johnson

(435) 797-1071

Sponsored Programs Accountant • College of Arts, College of Business, Extension, Police, Parking & Transportation, Library, Utah Public Radio (UPR)

Robert Linford

(435) 797-1026

Sponsored Programs Accountant • Center for Advanced Nutririon (CAN), College of Agriculture (excluding Institute for Antiviral Research), Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Nikki McGahee

(435) 797-4477

Sponsored Programs Accounting Assistant • Invoice Review, Award File Creation, Electronic Filing, SPA Reports, Closeouts

Taylor Paskett

(435) 797-4466

Sponsored Programs Accountant • College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Science

Kaylynn Petersen

(435) 797-3702

Sponsored Programs Accountant • Administration Student Services, Student Wellness Center, Campus Recreation, Utah Conservation Corp, USU Research Foundation On-Campus Expenditures, USU Research Foundation Consolidation, Lockbox, Utah Water Research Laboratory, Global Engagement