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Gift Cards

Under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 132 a gift card, gift certificate or a prepaid Visa/MC is considered a cash or cash equivalent fringe benefit. This type of fringe benefit is additional compensation and taxable to an employee, non-employee, student, or research participant. If more than one gift card is purchased at a time a gift card log must be kept up to date and on file in the department. For more information, see Gift Card Log Procedures section below. Once all the gift cards have been distributed, the gift card log must be attached to the original purchase transaction. If you have any questions, call 435-797-0589.

Ways to Pay for the Gift Cards:

  • P-Card
    A gift card may be purchased with a P-Card. The P-Card transaction must include the receipt for the gift card(s). Please see P-Card Procedures for more information.
  • EZ-Buy Direct Pay Form (Award/Prize/Gift Card)
    The check will need to be picked up at the Cashier's Office in the TSC room 248 for the department to purchase the gift card.

Click on any category below to access information for each type of gift card and the requirements needed to purchase: