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Controller's Office Teams

The Controller's Office is divided into multiple different groups in order to handle all of the responsibilities of the department in an organized and balanced way.  Here you can see the teams we have designated, along with staff members assigned to each and many applicable links and forms.  Alternatively, you can see the entire staff of the department listed in our Staff Directory.

Accounts Payable

Processes Payments & Reimbursements to Vendors, Employees, and Students

Pays Invoices for All University Expenses


Tax Forms

Accounting Services

Financial Reporting

Serving Student & Employee Financial Needs

Bursar's Office

Perkins Loan Payments

Third Party Students

Payment Plans for Students


Cash & Treasury Services

Departmental Deposits

Permanent and Temporary Change Funds

Banking Functions and Cash Management

College Accounting

Prepares University's Financial Report

Manages External Audits of USU

Prepares Internal Reports

Equipment Management

Property Control System Management

Inventory and Reporting of Equipment Owned/Controlled by the University

F&A Rate Agreements & Analysis

University Reimbursement for the Infrastructure Support Costs Associated with Sponsored Research and Other Sponsored Projects

Finance Systems

ARGOS Reporting Portal

Finance/Banner INB Access

Organizational Hierarchy

Approval Queue Updates

Financial Reporting & Plant Funds

Annual Report Preparation

Building & Equipment Inventory

Manages External Audits

Bonds & Debt Portfolio


Processes Payroll for All Employees

Payroll Deductions & Tax Withholdings

Direct Deposit

W-4s & W-2s


Offers a Convenient Way to Purchase University Business-Related Items

Contains Costs Associated with the Procurement of Items

PCI Compliance - Credit/Debit Security

Credit and Debit Card Security

Maintains Safety and Security for All University Credit Card Systems


Buys Items for University Use Competitively and Wisely

EZ-Buy Administrators

New Vendor Agreements

Service Center Accounting

Provides Support to Service Center Operations

Develop / Monitor Bill Rates

Prepares Reports to Monitor Cash Balances

Sponsored Programs Accounting

Provides Post-Award Fiscal and Administrative Support


Travel Authorizations

Travel Reimbursements

Travel Policies and Procedures

Travel Reports, Training, and Forms