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P-Card Procedures

The Purchasing Card (P-card) system provides a convenient and cost effective way to purchase University business-related items. Most P-Card approvals and control features occur after the purchase has taken place. Examples of after-the-purchase controls include:

  • Support Documents for each P-Card transaction: Transactions reported by the bank provide very little information about purchases. The name of the vendor is listed, but what was purchased is not. Support documents such as itemized receipts, however, provide detailed information about the purchase.
  • Reconciling P-Card Transactions: Reconciling itemized receipts to transactions reported allows the Cardholder to make sure that all purchases have been reported, that any credits have been received, and provides the opportunity to resolve any discrepancies.
  • US Bank Controls: Certain merchant codes are blocked so that P-Card transactions are automatically declined. US Bank provides access to all transaction data generated by Cardholders to the P-Card Program Administrators who review declined transaction reports on a weekly basis as well as unusual or irregular transactions.

There are three types of P-cards available:

  • Regular P-Card: allows for the purchase of general business-related items
  • Travel P-Card: allows for the purchase of business-related travel expenses to be paid in advance of travel
  • All-Card: allows for the purchase of general business-related items as well as business travel-related items. Delegated users are not allowed on an All-Card.

For questions regarding P-Cards, please contact:

  Misty Andrus: 435-797-0589 |

  Jill Hansen: 435-797-9683 |

  Michelle Johnson: 435-797-1046 |